Public Office Hours

When I was first elected to the City Council in 2006, I pledged to stay connected to the community in order to better address it’s needs. On my first day in office, I created “Public Office Hours”  Every month on the first Monday of the month at 6PM I held a public meeting somewhere in Chula Vista. I held over 100 public meeting in my eight years as a councilman and I pledge to do the same again if elected.

I believe elected officials need to be on the ground, in the community listening and responding to neighborhood problems. There is no better way than these community meetings.

In 2016, I will also seek to have my City Council office at the South Chula Vista Public Library where it will be most accessible to the residents of District 4.


Southwest Homeless Project Outline

The homeless population in Southwest Chula Vista is growing unabated. This is a community of people who lack support services and whose presence in many cases create negative effects in the community.

Stop Domestic Violence

In Chula Vista there is an alarming growth in police calls for domestic violence. Domestic violence takes a tremendous toll on children and families and creates a larger public safety issue for all of us.

Economic Development

Economic development is a priority. We need to help small businesses startup and grow. We need to attract jobs and employers.

Innovation Economy

While traditional business will always be important, the time has come for Chula Vista to participate in the “innovation economy”. As councilman, I will promote the creation of incubators and accelerators in the South Bay.

Cross-Border Commerce

With Mexico a few miles to the south, we have opportunities few American cities have. Together, we form a mega-region of over 7 million people, and a true binational economy is available.

Ramirez for City Council District 4 2016

City of Chula Vista law permits only personal contributions and limits contributions to $320 per individual for the primary election and another $320 for the general election. A couple may contribute $640 per election per couple from a joint account if both parties sign the check, credit card authorization form, or an accompanying letter. Contributions from businesses and other types of “organizations” are prohibited. City law requires that you provide your name, address (no P.O. box), occupation and employer with your contribution. The campaign may only accept cash contributions of $99 or less. Contributions are only allowed from US citizens and resident aliens. Political contributions are not tax deductible.