Rudy Ramirez

Economic Development


We need to help small businesses grow by introducing economic development reforms at the grass-roots level. We need to attract jobs and employers. True economic reforms help people and raises our public revenue base without relying on additional fees and taxes. We need to evolve into a better way of doing economic development in Chula Vista.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

It all starts with jobs. Chula Vista is great at master planned communities. As a result, we’ve become a bedroom community that commutes out for its jobs. I would realign City staff in order to make their work product Chula Vista jobs. I would demand that known and proven job creation strategies are employed now.

Finally, I would promote retail sales development. We cannot provide the city services our residence demand without fixing Chula Vista’s retail sales leakage. This is fundamentally a land use issue that is fundamentally a City responsibility. I will demand we fix this problem.

Rudy Ramirez