Rudy Ramirez

Homeless Project Outline


The issues associated with homelessness have hit Southwest Chula Vista particularly hard. The lack of coordinated services and growing negative impacts need to be addressed in a more systematic and humanistic way by city staff. I intend to get the City of Chula Vista to act through a new set of regional programs and the establishment of a dedicated full-time administrator who will be accountable to the City Manager for handling homelessness in Chula Vista.
No new funding will be necessary for this new approach. We need to use the resources we already dedicate more efficiently.

Rudy Ramirez

The Program

Establish a dedicated manager to coordinate community activities on homelessness.

Create a program where a roaming nurse or other healthcare practitioner (including mental healthcare) can provide services and be in close contact with the homeless population in order to:

  • Reduce emergency room visits to local hospitals.

  • Reduce police department and fire department calls for service.

  • Provide onsite healthcare services.

  • Target the delivery of other support services.

  • Support the regional concept of “Sunbreak Ranch.”

  • Direct the City Attorney to identify and write new ordinances as tools that will help city staff manage the activities of individuals that create public health or public nuisance problems that destabilize neighborhoods.

  • Direct the City Manager to work with non-profit organizations to help coordinate programs and help a community understand how best to coexist with a homeless population.